DC Family Communicators

Connecting LGBTQ communications professionals in Washington, D.C.

About Us

We are more than 175 LGBTQ people working in communications, marketing, digital, advertising and more in the Nation's Capitol. We are the first and only professional networking organization for LGBTQ communications professionals in Washington, D.C. 

We want to boost the engagement of LGBTQ communicators in the professional life of Washington, D.C. To do that, we connect LGBTQ communications professionals with one another via networking events, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and an email list. We also share job leads, provide insight and connections and informal mentorship.

Would you like to join us? Our criteria are simple. To join you must be: 1) LGBTQ; 2) in communications, marketing or advertising; 3) in the DC metropolitan area at least part of the year. See the Join Us page below to sign up.




We provide the following programs to our members:

  • regular networking events 

  • job postings and connections to the people making hiring decisions for many of those postings 

  • insight and advice for job searches, career development and being out in the workplace 

  • informal mentorship via advice and engagement from a cross-section of our members on our private Facebook and LinkedIn groups 


We have hosted events at the following local venues: Mission Dupont, Tico, Hawthorne and Pitchers/ALOHO. We're planning new events all the time - including collaborative gatherings with other professional groups including the DC chapter of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association (NLGJA) and others and will post information about them here.




Email:  info@dcfamilycommunicators.com

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